Johan Engqvist

Johan Engqvist, Ornamentation/Ornamentering, 2021


The project Ornamentation, which is presented at Folkets Hus in Vänersborg, is an investigation of the relationship between fine arts and crafts. In our homes, and in other decorated environments, the aesthetics are rarely attributed any deeper artistic value. The function of the prevalent aesthetics is simply to make the space more pleasant and homely. Engqvists paintings and sculptures are referential – they are through their shape and form referring to the decorative objects and aesthetics we are constantly surrounded with. Consciously and unconsciously, we shape those aestheticsh, and theyconsequently shape us.

In Ornamentation, Engqvists works are placed in corridors, stairwells, and cloakrooms – along with furniture, murals and textiles -Here, we find the artwork and its model side by side. Folkets Hus, which in many ways is symbolic for a certain kind of place and a bygone age, has served as a model for Engqvists artworks. Thus, placing the paintings and sculptures in the environment from which they originated, is a way of returning them to their source.