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Indigo is the Colour of Grief

Larissa Sansour

Admission Admission free
Date 4 Oct 2024 – 12 Jan 2025
Location Göteborgs Konsthall
Indigo is the Colour of Grief Still image from As If No Misfortune Had Occurred in the Night

For this year’s final exhibition, we have invited the artist Larissa Sansour. In the exhibition Indigo is the Colour of Grief she explores the notions of memory, inherited trauma and grief.

What role do traumas of the past play, and is it even possible to avoid passing them on to future generations? In her work, Larissa Sansour explores the relationship between past, present and future, her own experiences from life in the diaspora, the creation and reinterpretation of memories, as well as impending or ongoing ecological collapse.

I her work, Sansour uses science fiction, or futurism, to explore contemporary challenges and alternative perspectives.

In a time of geopolitical tensions, war and irreversible climate change, Sansour reminds us of possible futures through fiction, appealing to our shared humanity.

In the exhibition, Sansour’s three latest film works will be on display.

Still image from In Vitro, 2019.