Sara-Vide Ericson

This exhibition features a completely new series of paintings by Sara-Vide Ericson. In their sensual portrayals of shady narratives, Ericson’s works always convey a tangible sense of presence. Her paintings can be seen as a physical extension of hidden, subconscious stories, leaving us to guess more than we can see.

The paintings are part of a larger, transformative process, where they emerge slowly in stages. The process is based on intuition, memory, or the feeling of a fabric against fingertips. The artist’s own personal history, her physical body and the landscape of Hälsingland where she grew up, provide the material for enactments that are first experienced, then photographed, and finally turned into paintings. . It is crucial to Sara-Vide Ericson that she herself has experienced what she paints, and that she has been to the places she chooses, to achieve an authenticity in which the scenes can unfold naturally.

Ericson’s paintings are cinematographic, mixing portraits with still-lifes, landscapes or archetypically significant objects. The characters and objects appear as meaningful symbols of unknown forces, charging the images and imbuing them with a tactile quality. A powerful narrative about experiences of relationships and the notion of the woman as a vessel emerges with an undercurrent of dull violence that seeps out of the canvases or skins.

The paintings are placed so that they enter a dialogue with one another, about the notion of woman as a vessel, with an undercurrent of dull violence oozing from the canvases or leather hides. The painting Silent Witness is a key piece hovering in the background. In the painting, the room and the traditional rural furniture transform into mute bystanders to something that has happened there. Whispers about conflicts, extremes and psychological states of mind; resistance, violence, longing for tenderness and vulnerability are intermingled. Ericson’s characters are not only portraits but can also be seen as images of human conditions.

Courtesy of the artist and gallery Magnus Karlsson.