Roxy Farhat

Roxy Farhat builds her artistic practice mainly on video and performance. An award-winning music video director, documentary filmmaker and playwright, Farhat often has a political message and addresses feminist issues. Her works are presented with kitschy sense of humour underpinned by serious political commitment to the conditions for women.

Farhat directed, produced and edited the music video I’m in Love, for the singer Zhala’s single with the same name. The video shows a group of women of different ages, meticulously plaiting one another’s hair, which becomes an extension, linking them together. In I’m in Love, the women are united, they care for one another, and they almost seem unusual in all their ordinariness. Lyrics and imagery both relate in different ways to touch, longing, the need for closeness, and the collective strength that can be derived from them.

Farhat often appears in her own work. In I’m in Love, Farhat is one of the many women. She uses music videos as an artistic medium, frequently including satire and parody in her approach. The tone in this work, however, is far from satirical; instead it is in equal parts tender and serious. The song is about the big love. The earth-shattering, life-sustaining love, love for sisters, mothers and friends.

Courtesy of the artist