Moa Israelsson

Israelsson’s artistic practice often explores the boundary between fiction and reality; her sculptures resemble objects we know, but are made of different materials and dimensions than we are used to.

Moa Israelsson’s installation Go, Gone consists of ten sculptures of varying sizes suspended from the ceiling. The sculptures are shaped like large sleeping bags, soft and seemingly damaged by wear and tear. The stuffing is showing and the material is stained, as if from lying outdoors for a long time. The meticulously sewn sculptures suggest peaceful repose. The safety offered by sleep, but also the vulnerability. Here, the fabric is protection, a layer between body and world, shielding and warming against whatever happens outside. The title of the work, Go, Gone, suggests that something has been lost, the sleeping bags resembling empty husks. All that remains is the memory of what was once there. But the imperative title also inspires hope of leaving loss behind and moving on, becoming free, and, like the pupa in a cocoon, transforming and being reborn.

Israelsson’s choice of materials, silk and leather, enhances the appearance of cocoons, created by nature rather than synthetically man-made. Silk thread comes from silkworm cocoons. Both materials – silk and leather – are natural, but each other’s opposites. One is fragile and sheer, the other is durable and thick. The contrast between the two materials, the delicate and soft, and the thick and grimy, adds to the sense of discomfort: the objects feel familiar yet strange.

Courtesy of the artist and Eskilstuna Konstmuseum.