Zehra Ay

Active Göteborg, Sverige
Zehra Ay Spegling, 2017–2023   Akryl på duk, textil, varierande material, varierande mått. Courtesy: Konstnären och privat samling

Zehra Ay’s artistic process is lively and intuitive. Perhaps it could be called a playroom or act of resistance to social isolation. Contemporary social norms and expectations are recurring themes in her works, which are manifested in different choices of technique and media, including drawing, printing, embroidery and sculpture. Rather than seeing each work as an end in itself, they are continuously remodelled into new statements and guises.

An image that started as a drawing, can become an embroidery, only to proceed into a print and sculpture. With humour and playfulness, her art protests against women’s social status in various cultural contexts and can be seen as visual documentations or reflections of political and social events in her surroundings.