Trinidad Carrillo

Active Göteborg, Sverige
Trinidad Carrillo Braiding / Flätning, 1997—ongoing  Video, 18:00 min, installation med musik: Einar Baldursson. Courtesy: Konstnären och Einar Baldursson

On returning to Peru where she grew up, after living for many years in Sweden, Trinidad Carrillo began using photography to play with narratives of longing and the search for an existential home. With a dream language based on real experiences, Carrillo creates a world of enchanted stories.  The process is similar to that of a glove that is put on, taken off, turned inside out and put back on.

The language she cultivates in her works follows a subconscious, unexpected chain of associations. The slide show consists of a large number of photos that weave time, place and people into transcendental belonging.

The pictures are accompanied by music by Einar Baldursson, whose soundtrack adds a further dimension.