Tekla Bergman Fröberg

Active Göteborg, Sverige
Tekla Bergman Fröberg En video och en serie keramikskulpturer:   Bortom detta, Djupdykning, Finger mot päls, Gå mot ljuset, Bön, Mellan här och där, Åtta sekunder kvar, Min lilla ponny, Fångst, Utopia, Stulen cirkel, Ett fryst ögonblick, Med lätta fingrar, Växande, Livstid, Gengångare #1, #2, #3.   Bränd lera, figuriner, krossat porslin, video, varierande storlekar. Courtesy: Konstnären 

In a trance, Tekla Bergman Fröberg’s fingers and brushes create nightmarish ceramic sculptures with the purpose of healing reality. In an intuitive exploration of collective memory and night terror, she manifests creatures from another state of consciousness, where each clay figure is accompanied by a soul painted on the wall.

Her modified porcelain sculptures are the result of an absorbing work process, where destruction is a key element of creating. Existence and the world are regarded as a bleeding wound and are reflected in the process.

Porcelain objects, such as plates, cups and figurines, are smashed and provide material for recreating new objects, new life, that meets the world and the spectator. The crystal chandelier made of various used materials, hanging above the ceramic sculptures and wood engravings, represents a portal between different realities, dream states and desires.