Margarita Iribarren

Active Göteborg, Sverige
Margarita Iribarren Margarita Iribarren  Botanico, Gauchito Gil, La Pachamama, #1 #2 #3, 2017–2022   Olja på duk varierande storlekar Courtesy: Konstnären

In a dialogue with colours, shapes and textures, the paintings gradually evolve, intuitively, through layering. Thematically, these images are autobiographically related to the artist, who grew up in Patagonia (Argentina). Her childhood haunts and their links to tradition, myths, folklore and identity provide the material for her imagery. Here, figurative elements meet abstract fields and strains. In this series, a saint, a female deity and a deer enter our world as if emerging from a fairy tale.  

Botanico “The great red deer watches over its forest”. Originating in Europe, this animal is very powerful and has no natural predators here. As the king of the forest, it ensures that there is harmony between animals and plants. In Europe, the red deer is threatened with extinction by man, but in South America, where it was introduced, it thrived, especially in the Patagonian Andes in Chile and Argentina. 

Gauchito Gil is considered a saint in Argentine folklore. This legendary and popular character is deeply rooted in the Argentinean identity. The gaucho brings luck, helps and heals the sick. 

In the traditions and culture of the indigenous peoples of the Andes, La Pachamama is the Earth Mother. She is a benign female goddess of fertility and harvest, who protects and feeds the people. This deity is worshipped mainly in Peru, Bolivia and northern Argentina. Gifts are presented to her for good harvests and to protect nature.