Jacqueline Forzelius

Active Göteborg, Sverige
Jacqueline Forzelius Mötesrum på försvaret i Kållered 1:12. Blandteknik, trä, plast, tyg, lera, metall, LED-belysning, varierande mått. Courtesy: Konstnären 

In dioramas or models, often in a scale of 1:12, viewers can visit different locations of marginalisation; a right-wing terrorist’s study, a murderer’s bedroom, a meeting room at the detention centre in Kållered, or a waiting room for passport applicants at a police station, where Swedish citizens can apply for and collect their passports.

These seemingly ordinary rooms can symbolically represent the marginalised psychology, isolation and alienation of a future perpetrator or the vulnerability of an asylum seeker. All sites are located in Västra Götaland.