Hanna Antonsson

Active Göteborg, Sverige
Hanna Antonsson Auto Wing VIII, 2023 Duvvingar, bakljus, vindrutor, stål, elektronik, 200 x 200 x 160 cm

Auto Wing VIII stems from collisions between animals and motorised vehicles. Antonsson finds her material all over Gothenburg, in streets and squares and along the roads. The work is imbued with a drama that has already taken place and provides the components, as its basic premise, its existence and its DNA. 

In an enactment using authentic parts, the wings of pigeon roadkill and demolished car parts are fused into a sculpture; two materials that are evidence of previous experiences. Shattered windshields stood on end around a shining tail light with mechanised flapping wings mounted on the object that killed the birds. The sculpture is a contemplation and a meditation on our shared urban space and spans a before and after, life and death.