Fredrik Åkum

Active Göteborg, Sverige
Fredrik Åkum Untitled #1 #2 #3, 2023   Akryl på duk, 120 x 180 cm Courtesy: Konstnären

Fredrik Åkum explores painting, both as a theme and a technique. His previous paintings often form the basis for future works, which may not necessarily end as paintings but could also become sculptures, installations or artist’s books. In his practice, Åkum often incorporates the space and place where the works will be shown. He looks for abstraction in the figurative and alternates between intuitive and premeditated strategies, impressions and expressions. His process can be compared to carvings or Chinese whispers, where the works depart from each other through slight shifts. The series of painting shown at Göteborgs Konsthall is a continuation of an ongoing painterly process.