marnas monument

Active Göteborg, Sverige
Drömmarnas monument Drömmarnas Monument

The exhibition extends out to Götaplatsen, with Drömmarnas monument[The Monument of Dreams], a Gesamtkunstwerk, a social sculpture, and a three-month manifestation for freedom in the arts in Gothenburg. The work serves as a stage for the artist-driven and communal forces that characterize soul of the city. This is a temporary collective structure during the exhibition. It acts as a forum for creativity and discussions about current arts policy, gentrification, and the conditions for art in the city. 

Participating artists

Stefan Karlsson, Sebastian Rudolph Jensen, Emelié Sterner, Alice Deimante Neimantaite, Carl Norén, SPEAKERBREATHER (Adam Ward and Louise Hornberg), Avgvsx, Lina EkdahlMartin Fridén and Gift Kultur, Elisabet Landin, Ossian Melin och Emma KhanaferKarin Likben and Ina LidmanBjörn, Grunden Media, Conjectum, Anders Lindberg / Green Woodwork, Bubblan, Göteborgs Stadsbibliotek, Infra Artist Collective, Drömmarnas Kaj & Kultur.