Daniel Götesson EKTA

Active Göteborg, Sverige
Daniel Götesson EKTA Daniel Götesson EKTA

Daniel Götesson’s paintings show influences from graffiti culture and modernist elements where abstraction meets familiar symbols. Above all, Götesson is in constant dialogue with other artists and their works; in this series, he addresses former colleagues, including Roger Risberg, Börje Evert Hjort and Martin Kippenberger.

Götesson’s paintings are characterised by sharp contrasts, with geometric fields and varying textures that interact playfully, but the sphere of themes also includes references to social and political dimensions and existential questions.

These works feature figures of various ages on their way in or out of buildings. They are poised on the threshold, passing between different rooms, passages or mental states. The muted colours, the simplicity and repetitiveness, and the blackness enveloping the characters suggests the notion of the home as a dark place.

A place that causes feelings of destructive vulnerability rather than a sense of belonging.  The motifs were inspired by earlier works by Roger Risberg (1956 – 2011). Götesson says that Roger Risberg is present and inscribed in all these images.