Amanda Björk

Active Göteborg, Sverige
Amanda Björk slöja drypa dagen ömsas öga vid, 2023  Siden, bivax, vejde, vau, 2100 x 140 cm Courtesy: Konstnären

Amanda Björk’s site-specific painting on silk canvas is soaked in beeswax. When the wax is heated and melts, the will can stick to surfaces. It is applied like skin to a wall, reaches up across the ceiling and falls down to meet its viewers like a tree, a vine or maybe a waterfall. In her work veil drip day shed eye wide, Björk attempts to capture a material intimacy through a textile work that bonds with the architecture of the room. She also isolates the components of the painting and its ability to transform from two-dimensional canvas to a three-dimensional spatial sculpture, which carries a hint of beeswax and opens up different associations.