Göteborgs Konsthall

Bild på byggnaden Göteborgs Konsthall i soligt ljus
Göteborgs Konsthall har presented exhibitions of contemporary art since 1923. Photo: Hendrik Zeitler.

Göteborgs konsthall – A space FOR CONTEMPORARY ART

At Göteborgs Konsthall you can visit exhibitions of Swedish and international artists, and participate in creative workshops, guided tours and artist talks. Göteborgs Konsthall is located at Götaplatsen in central Gothenburg. Admission is always free.

Göteborgs Konsthall is a space for contemporary art that presents four to six exhibitions per year. Here you can experience thematic group exhibitions, solo exhibitions with in-depth exploration of individual oeuvres, as well as experimental and process-oriented projects. At Göteborgs Konsthall, we invite you to take part in the work of internationally acclaimed artists, as well as artists who have not yet reached wide audiences.

Feel free to ask the hosts in the reception if you would like an introduction to the current exhibition. All of our hosts have special knowledge in contemporary art, many of whom are also practicing artists, and are happy to help you.

Alongside the exhibitions, Göteborgs Konsthall presents guided tours, creative workshops, artists talks, workshops, film screenings, performances, and in-depth lectures.

Göteborgs Konsthall is located at Götaplatsen in central Gothenburg, next to Gothenburg Museum of Art. We always have free entrance to our exhibitions and programs.

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URBAN konst

Urban Konst (Urban Art) is a service and activity at Göteborgs Konsthall which involves advising and participating in co-operative projects with the goal of encouraging and supporting public art in the city. The term urban art is often used to denote graffiti and the visual languages of street art, but in our use of the term, the specific artistic language is not the point. Rather, we focus on the desire, the intention to comment on places and situations in the urban environment through artistic expression and intervention.

Göteborgs Konsthall is a division of the Cultural Affairs Administration, City of Gothenburg. Urban Konst is included in this division, as is an art consultant who works with children and youths.