Layla van der Oord

Layla van der Oord, Walk the Talk, 2021

Walk the talk

Walk the Talk is a click-through story by van der Oord. The story is about a post courier who just started her new job on an island. The inhabitants have settled here to live simple, antisocial and technology free lives. Letters arrive every morning at the beach, carried to shore by the ocean currents. After sorting the mail, the courier delivers not only post but also verbal messages between people she meets. She starts out carrying out her work full of optimism, and with the intention of getting closer to her own thoughts. As the years go by, she is forced to stand up for her rights as a worker and human being, faced with long shifts and expectations not mentioned in the job description.

Walk the Talk is the result of an experimentation in storytelling. By combining text and image, handwriting and hyperlinks, van der Oord tries to weave meanings with multiple layers between the various elements of the project. Can text become image?