Lisa Englesson Hallberg

Lisa Englesson Hallberg, Body-Story-Action, 2021


Body-Story-Action is a project situated in and around the artists studio. It contains three parts that become public in a two-week period, but each one has a certain condition attached to it.

Through a digital live stream of the studio, the audience are able to witness the production of the artworks, which consist of textworks and paintings. The visitors are brought into the process as a silent observer of the artist at work while listening to the same music as she is. But they are not able to see the artworks up close.

Through bookable studio-visits, the audience are allowed to closely experience the paintings, materials, and post-its that are used and produced within the studio space. But the moment they walk into the studio the roles are reversed. The audience is alone in the studio but is being watched by the artist through a camera lens.

Through readings from the artist’s studio window, the audience can hear stories and poetry which are the result of the post-it notes and the artists on autobiographical diary notes. But these are unannounced and can therefore only be heard if the audience is at the right place at the right time.

This project is an interrogation of the power dynamics within the history of abstract painting and it attempts to become a neutral medium without gender biases. The artist does this by emphasizing the role of herself as a woman making art and how this affects her relationship towards materials, expression, symbols, and storytelling. An emphasis is also put on the power dynamic between the art maker and the public through the examination of the gaze. The audience is brought into a project that is in constant change and motion without an end or a beginning.